How to Use Pallet Racks Safely

Pallet racks have become increasingly popular because of their ability to increase storage space in the warehouse, besides taking inventory becomes fast and efficient. With large storage space and improved accuracy when accessing stored products in the warehouse, your profits and the productivity of the staff will increase.

Just like any other storage system in the warehouse, individuals working in the warehouse must observe strict safety measures to avoid accidents. Failure to follow these safety procedures can lead to loses in the form of injuries to staff working in the warehouse and damaged products.

Accidents in the warehouse can have a negative impact on your business growth. The productivity of employees can also be significantly affected. The company offers excellent information on safety measures when using pallet racks.

Let’s look deeper at the essential safety tips to follow when using a pallet racking system.

  • Have the right safety measures in place

You can install various safety measures on the pallet racks to limit potential accidents. Pallet safeguard panels, pallet pins and safety clips are safety measures that can make pallet rack safe for individuals working in the warehouse.

  • Training for employees

To avoid accidents in the warehouse, train all staff on how to use the pallet racking system. More emphasis should be on the team who are directly involved in the day-to-day activities in the warehouse such as forklift operators and stock taking staffs.

  • The warehouse must be adequately illuminated and clean

Warehouse accidents are more common in poorly lit and dirty environments. It should be the responsibility of all warehouse employees to keep the place clean and tidy. Any debris and spillages should be cleared immediately. Sufficient lighting and high standards of cleanliness are the best ways to avoid injuries to staff and damages to goods stored in the warehouse.

  • Proper installation

Experts should do the installation of pallet racks in the warehouse. Safety guidelines must be adhered to when fixing the pallets. The uprights must be installed on level ground. A licensed engineer must do any changes or repairs on the pallet racks. Poor installation and maintenance of pallet racks are the leading cause of accidents in the warehouse.

  • Load management

Staff working in the warehouse should adhere to the set maximum weights for the pallet racks. Avoid over-stuffing the loading bays. The goods should be appropriately arranged on the racks to disperse the weight. Paths used by forklifts and other warehouse equipment should always be clear and free from any obstructions. Loads should be arranged on the racks based on their sizes and weight. When buying the panel racks look for instructions on the rack’s capacity.


  • Maintenance and inspection

To avoid damages to your good and injuries to employees, the pallet racks must be properly maintained and inspected regularly. The warehouse staff must adopt a monthly inspection schedule to check for any faults and loose connections in the structure. The warehouse should keep records for inspection and maintenance. Occasionally, the inspection should be done by an engineer. Proper maintenance and inspection of the pallet racking system is the best way to avoid accidents in the warehouse.

Though pallet racks might differ depending on the manufacturer, these tips apply to all pallet racks. Observing strict safety guidelines is the best way of limiting accidents when you have a pallet racking system in the warehouse.