Should You Report Benefit Fraud?

One of the main reason the UK government has implemented such strict benefit reforms is due to the high number of fraudulent transactions. Benefit fraud can be constituted as those claiming for benefits which they are not actually entitled to. One such example is those claiming disability benefits when there is actually nothing wrong with them. You can read more about this onĀ

Another form of benefit fraud is someone who claims a housing benefit when they have a tenant staying on their property. If at any time you are claiming a benefit and you make use of false information, you are committing benefit fraud, and this practice costs the government large amounts of money each year.

It is estimated that fraud costs the government and the taxpayer around 1.2 billion each year. The government has also warned that should people continue to claim benefits fraudulently it would look at ways to cut back on the number of benefits issued. Those who commit benefit fraud are directly affecting those who really need the money to survive.

Why report benefit fraud?

Anyone who suspects someone of fraudulently claiming benefits should report these people immediately. Agencies will have no way to track whether someone is committing benefit fraud and therefore they rely heavily on those who report fraud. Those found guilty of fraud often face large penalties.

Often people who report fraud feel that they are being unjust, but in actual fact, they are doing the government a great service. This is because the money that was wrongfully going to those who can actually afford to live will then be allocated to those who really need the benefits.

Reporting benefit fraud is a great way to make sure that those who abuse the system can be brought to book. For example; If you know someone is claiming a job seekers benefit when they are actually working that person can also be charged with tax evasion. The person who is working while claiming benefits will be living a lavish lifestyle while a small family with children go hungry because they are not receiving enough benefits.

Is it easy to report benefit fraud?

There are a number of easy ways to report benefit fraud. The government offers online reporting as well as call centers. You will be given a form to fill out which can be quickly submitted. The government and its agencies will then do research and if the allegations are found to be true those defrauding the system will face the consequences of their actions.


One easy portal that can be used to report benefit fraud is that of the National Benefit Fraud Hotline which can be contacted on 0800 854 440 between 8 am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday. In addition to this, a number is a toll-free number so you do not have to pay for the call. When reporting benefit fraud you do not have to give out any of your personal information. You are very welcome to remain anonymous.