What are the Most Important Qualities in Hunting Knives?

A hunter should never embark on any expedition without a good hunting knife. Most hunters realize the difficulty in selecting the best hunting knife considering the huge array of options before them. Good hunting equipments would be incomplete without the inclusion of proper hunting knives. The knife must not only be durable, but also of high quality and efficient. With the perfect hunting knife, it would be easier to slice, cut and skin the animals that you catch.

Therefore, what qualities should you look for when choosing the best hunting knife?

a)      Design

The design of your choice of hunting knife should not only be sturdy, but also compact. You can and will do plenty of tasks with the hunting knife. Consequently, it has to be sturdy and compact enough to handle all the tasks that you plan to do with it. A sturdy and compact design makes the knife versatile as you can use it back in your kitchen at the end of the hunting expedition. The compact and sturdy design makes it easier to use the knife for safety as well as survival needs.

b)     Handle

The handle of the hunting knife has to be one of the qualities that you look at when buying this tool. The handle should be comfortable to grip. A good hunting knife has a long handle to provide the hunter with a good grip, which is essential when out in the wild trying to slice, cut or skin an animal. With an excellent grip, it would be impossible for you to struggle cutting, slicing or skinning any type of game regardless of its size.

c)      Blade

The blade on the hunting knife must be sharp. Remember that the hunting knife is one of the most versatile tools you will ever use while out hunting in the bush. The versatility of the knife stems from the fact that it is not only effective when used on animals, but also in cutting vegetables as well as chopping different types of items. A sharp blade makes it easier for you to open a cork or trim something that is essential to the success of your hunting expedition. Also like the greatest kitchen knives the blade is the most important aspect of any knife.

Other qualities

Other qualities that should be of interest to any hunter who is looking for the best hunting knives include the following:

  • Edge retention
  • Tip durability
  • Ease of use
  • Blade length
  • Overall length
  • Ease of sharpening
  • Price
  • Material


In this regard, the market is full of different types of hunting knives that you should evaluate based on the aforementioned qualities. You might have to invest in more than one type and carry them while out hunting. This is highly advisable in case one of the knives malfunctions or is unable to do what you want to use it for while out in the bush hunting. Therefore, you should make your choice from the following options:

  1. Spyderco Bill Moran
  2. Buck Model 110
  3. Fallkniven H1z
  4. Gerber Gator Fixed blade
  5. CRKT Onion Skinner

When buying such knives, it would be good to know whether you want one with fixed or folding blades. The folding blade is perfect for general hunting. The knives with fixed blades are often bulkier thus riskier during transportation unlike the Kitchen Knife Indentation. On the other hand, knives with fixed blades are the easiest to clean, reliable and highly rugged. Knives with fixed blades are ideal for use in doing heavy-duty work when out in the field hunting.

Therefore, this guideline should give you a much easier time when you visit the local stores to buy the new hunting knife. Give close attention to the design, blade and handle of the hunting knives because these are the most important qualities.